4th Grade


Welcome to the 4th Grade Teacher Page.

We hope it is helpful in giving you the important information you need to do your part in educating your child. We believe education is a team effort and can only be achieved when both the teachers and parents work together.

Within the 4th Grade Teacher Page you will find:

A calendar with important information about
your child's class and school schedule.

Useful Links where you can find important
documents to help you keep your child more

Thank you for allowing us to work with your children. The 4th Grade teachers work together to make sure the students are receiving an exceptional educational experience within which your child can grow emotionally, socially, and intellectually.  

The 4th Grade Team

Mr. Carmichael - victor.carmichael@wacoisd.org
Mr. Forehand - brad.forehand@wacoisd.org
Ms. Maxwell - sandra.maxwell@wacoisd.org
Mr. Satchell - robert.satchell@wacoisd.org